MoonTrader Change Log

21 October 2020 v 11570

  • Futures/Delivery balance calculation fixes
  • Shot algo now place/move order with parameter rejectIfApiLimit (if api limit reached shotalgo won’t place order and restarts/stops)
  • Added log batch writing (Logging optimization. Now logging uses less CPU and writes data to the file every 10 seconds)
  • Fixed a bug when TPSLalgo didn’t start if Canceled order update has been received earlier than Partially_filled report

14 October 2020 v 11539

  • Fixed a bug when UDS account info couldn’t update recently listed market (It happened if user for example changed margin type of recently listed market on other instance or inside exchange UI, accountInfoManager has no information about new market and break all update proccess with exception)

08 October 2020 v 11526

  • shot algo restart fix (fixed bug when partially filled shot tried to cancel order and stop but order already filled)
  • repeat virtual sl triggered, canceling tp (couldn’t cancel real order) fix
  • Triggered virtual orders no longer removes from charts
  • fixed a bug when real tp/sl not placed while balance is insufficient
  • Triggered virtual orders no longer removes from charts
  • Process futures stream sfstream data
  • OrderManager cleanup system (OrderManager now removes orders older than 1 hour)
  • fixed Core crash if ShotAlgo gets order.REMOVED update and can’t find parent order
  • Allow WS per-message deflate with sliding window (up to 95% compression)

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