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Why Even Bother With An ICO?

Русская версия We have witnessed the end of an era. For some, not short enough it was. The age of the ICO has come and gone, but what remained and emerged from the ashes hushed every voice on the crypto market with its wonders and visions. Trading is the phoenix that arose from the ashes …

Why Traders Turn To MoonBot?

Русская версия Trading is as intricate an art as courtship dances are in nature. One wrong move and there’s no chance of getting what you wanted. Money has a way of both slipping through fingers with the slightest of errors, or plummeting from the sky in wads should things be done right. The essence of …

Trade Algo Or Manual? Or Does It Really Matter?

Anyone who has ever set foot on the path of trading knows that it will eventually reach a crossroads leading to either manual or algorithmic trading. And it is here where many traders think that their skills will play the role of the definitive factor in profit-making. But they are so wrong. The software is …

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